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Halong Emeraude Cruise

Number of cabins: 34
Travelers’ Rate:
1 day: US$ -
2 days 1 night: US$ 144
3 days 2 nights: US$ 321
Support online:
Hotline: +84938887586

Every day, the Emeraude journeys through one of the world's most dazzling natural wonders and into the sepia realm of a dream. Named for a cruising vessel that plied these waters between 1906 and 1937, the Emeraude aspires to the magnificence of the bay itself. Its air-conditioned cabins, en suite bathrooms, award-winning cuisine and spacious deck space set the stage for the voyage of a lifetime.
Massages, facials and body scrubs are now being added to the already luxurious on-board package. The opening of the onboard spa adds another layer of relaxation to supplement the dazzling views.


Cabins & Suites

On the Emeraude, buoyed by one of the world's most beautiful bays, little things matter. Colonial style brass fans. Hardwood floors. Beadboard walls. And the most comfortable beds on the bay. In every cabin, the rich decor evokes another age, when craftsmanship mattered more than the bottom line.
But make no mistake: The Emeraude makes concessions to the modern era, with air conditioning, electricity and other amenities typical of an upscale hotel room. No need to bring your own hair dryer. We've got that. Umbrellas, slippers, bathrobes. We've imagined all the contingencies so you'll be fully prepared to enjoy your cruise.
The Captain's Suite


Also housed on the sundeck and benefiting from the same stunning views is the Captain's Suite.
At nearly 17 square metres, the port-side suite is spacious and comfortable and lined with colonial-era bamboo matting.
On the wall, antique maps will help you plot the vessel's path through the karsts and islands of Halong Bay.
The Emeraude Suite
At 19.5 square metres, the luxurious Emeraude Suite is roomy enough for a queen-sized bed, as well as a large sofa and space to entertain, which makes it a favourite with families.
Its cream and green colour scheme adds warmth and nostalgia to the wooden fixtures and flooring.  A sundeck location on the starboard side and ample windows deliver wide views across the bay.
Outside, an adjacent sitting area is the perfect place to enjoy a drink or relax and marvel at the passing scenery.
The Paul Roque Suite
Named after the original Emeraude's first owner, this was the vessel's suite.
At nearly 16-square metres, it is the smallest of the three but has a trump card.  The popularity of the Paul Roque Suite remains unrivalled due to a private deck. The deck features both sun loungers and chairs for uninterrupted relaxation.
Its situation on the bow's upper deck adds to a feeling of unhurried, truly tranquil travel.
Inside, comfortable chairs, a rug and checked wall coverings add to the "golden age" feel.
Wide windows ensure fabulous views.
34 Deluxe and Superior Luxury Cabins


Emeraude's twin and double rooms each feature innerspring mattresses to ensure a comfortable night's sleep.
Each room is equipped with all the necessary amenities, from air conditioning to hot showers.
Ultimately, the greatest attraction remains outside your cabin door. Each room opens directly onto the deck.
Superior rooms are located on lower deck with deluxe rooms on the upper deck.
Room to relax
Space, privacy and relaxation are themes that run throughout the Emeraude.
On the main and upper decks, there are a number of quiet seating areas. And there's always an opportunity to stretch out on a sundeck lounger.
The emphasis is always on the bay itself.  The aim is to provide true comfort at all times in order to best enjoy the surroundings.
The Flavor
Dining on the Emeraude reflects the ambitions and aspirations of the vessel itself.
Vietnamese ingredients, enhanced by European culinary traditions, create a culinary experience without peer on Halong Bay.
Quality, good taste and elegance define every buffet in our classic wood-panelled dining room.
After you board the Emeraude, the lunch buffet is quickly served.  Look out for classics like chicken cordon bleu alongside pork tenderloin and a range of salads and lighter options. Fresh spring rolls offer a local flavour alongside freshly caught seafood.


Appetizer and Salads: Cabbage and Carrot Salad, Selection of Seasonal Lettuces, The Emeraude Club Sandwich, Pasta Salad with chipolata salad, Fresh Seafood and Pork Spring Rolls, Fried Spring Rolls “Hue Style”, Green papaya salad with dried beef
Assorted Condiments: Wine Vinegar and Olive Oil, Calypso Mayonnaise Sauce, American Mustard, Chopped White & Egg Yolk, Sliced Tomatoes, Sliced Onion, Green Sweet Chili Pepperoni, Sliced Cucumber, Black & Green Olives, Pickled Onions, Semi Sweet Pickled Gherkins, Fresh Red Chili, Sliced Lime, Soya Sauce, Chili Sauce, Soya Sauce, Sweet Chili Sauce, Soya Sauce, Japanese Wasabi Mustard, Chili Fish Sauce
Soup, Bread Basket & Butter: Cream of Seasonal Vegetables, Farmer Bread & French Bread Baguette with Butter
Main Courses: Sauteed squid with curry coconut milk sauce, Deep fried fish with breadcrumb, Steamed Clam with ginger, Pork Tenderloin with Mustard Sauce, Grilled Chicken with Lemon Leave and lemon grass, Sautéed Seasonal vegetable with Oyster Sauce, Gratin potatoes, Seafood fried rice
Desserts: Selection of Fresh Tropical Fruits, Vietnamese CHE station, Swiss Apple Tart with Custard, Chocolate cake, French pastries
Starter: Vietnamese fresh spring roll with rice noodle and vegetable, Green papaya salad with herb and roasted peanut
Soup: Cream of potatoes soup
Main Courses: Deep fried tofu with tomato sauce Served with steamed rice and seasonal vegetable OR Pasta with herb cream sauce served with garlic butter bread.
Desserts: Available at the buffet
In the evening, dining is a stylish affair.  The buffet includes rump steak and fresh Halong Bay steamed prawns. The selection includes shellfish, salads, soups and rice dishes. For dessert, choices vary from a range of cakes to old favorites like bread and butter pudding. There is also an array of tropical fruit.
Throughout your cruise, bars in the dining room and on the sundeck ensure satisfaction for every thirst.  A lengthy wine list caters to all tastes.  Cocktails beg to be drunk on the deck at sunset as canapés are served. For beer drinkers there is a range of international and local brews. Alternatively enjoy a coffee served hot or iced depending on the climate. A pot of green tea adds an additional authentic touch. Relax, we'll bring it to your table.
Emeraude Restaurant
The Emeraude’s restaurant offers delicious, freshly caught local seafood and other specialities.
While enjoying breathtaking views of the bay, passengers can enjoy the simple and honest flavours of traditional fare.
Emeraude Café
Opened in late 2007, Emeraude Cafe is an ideal jumping off point for your adventure on Halong Bay. Grab a bite while you wait for embarkation. Check your email. Surf the Net. Browse our souvenirs. And anticipate the voyage that’s about to begin.
The cafe serves a selection of Western food, including made-to-order sandwiches, panini and pizza. Along with an extensive variety of teas, coffees and fresh juices, the café has an excellent wine list, sourced from around the world.
A cozy interior and outdoor terrace provides space for up to 70 diners. Beyond the Cafe’s culinary attractions, the new facility features complimentary wireless access, two Internet terminals and a souvenir boutique.
There’s also a sales desk in the café if you’d like to book passage on the Emeraude, or one of our new soft adventures.


Name Number of cabins 1 day 2 days 1 night 3 days 2 nights Travelers’ Rate
Halong Athena Cruise 21 US$- US$129 US$219
Halong Alisa Cruise 21 US$- US$125 US$305
Halong Starlight Cruise 32 US$- US$195 US$355
Halong Signature Cruise - New Cruiser 12 US$- US$206 US$283
Grayline Cruise Halong Bay - New cruise 14 US$- US$138 US$270
Halong Au Co Cruise 32 US$- US$- US$475
Halong Bhaya Cruise 15-18 US$- US$181 US$326
Halong Syrena Cruise 17 US$- US$132 US$232
Halong Pelican Cruise 22 US$- US$150 US$250
Halong Indochina Sails 14;15;23 US$- US$165 US$288
Victory Star Cruise 2;24;32 US$- US$165 US$272
Halong Violet Cruise 6 US$- US$277 US$407
Huong Hai Sealife Cruise 26 US$- US$170 US$-