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Halong Bhaya Cruise

Why Bhaya?

Bhaya is more than just a cruise, it is an experience. Everything from the natural beauty of the seascape in the Bay to the smallest attention to detail combine to make the Bhaya experience the ultimate in Halong Bay cruises.

1-More Cruising, Less Crowding

Unlike most Halong Bay cruises, all Bhaya cruise routes follow courses carefully plotted by our passionate experts. Such meticulous planning means our cruises last 2 hours longer than any other. This gives you more time to see and visit all the highlights of the Bay and cruise to less crowded areas as far away as Vung Vieng floating fishing village.

2-Value For Money

Bhaya cruises combine first-class accommodation and gourmet cuisine with fantastic excursions and activities at very attractive rates. For even greater convenience, Bhaya travel consultants can arrange your visa to Vietnam, airport transfers and hotels in Hanoi. All you need to do is to pack and prepare for a hassle-free trip. We take care of the details so you return home relaxed and enriched with wonderful memories.

3-Gourmet Cuisine in Sumptuous Splendor

Food is a Bhaya cruise treat. The Dining Room, on the 3rd level Lounge Deck, delivers both amazing dishes and vistas. The Chef's menus feature a variety of Vietnamese-Western fusion dishes to suite every palate: from a three-course gourmet dinner to sumptuous buffet combining Vietnamese specialties (Tu hài, Nem) with Western delicacies and seafood.

4-Warm Hospitality with Superior Service

Our experienced European management team have implemented ongoing, proprietary training programs for all staff to ensure we always provide levels of service you would expect from a fine hotel. Our Cruise Directors and almost all onboard staff speak English. The Staff are at your service around-the-clock to make your Halong Bay cruise an experience not to be forgotten.

5-Responsible Cruising

We are actively engaged in practicing and promoting sustainable cruising which minimizes the negative social and environmental impact on the local Halong Bay communities while delivering the maximum economic benefits possible. We are committed to using local suppliers from these communities and providing employment opportunities. We take Responsible Cruising seriously and trust our Guests will support us in these endeavors.

6-Cultural Enrichment

Our carefully chosen cruise routes are designed to offer not only the natural beauty of Halong Bay, but also opportunities to mingle with the locals and experience the local Vietnamese culture. Visits to Vung Vieng floating village, Vietnamese cooking demonstrations, Tai Chi exercises on the Sundeck and cycling on Cat Ba Island are just some of the cultural activities you can enjoy.

7-Comfortable Accommodation

Each Bhaya Classic vessel has just 20 cabins/suites to ensure intimate privacy and comfort for all guests. Each cabin boasts a picture window designed to frame the amazing vistas of the Bay. Hotel-style beds with European linen and duvets can be arranged in either twin or double-bed configurations. Home away from home!

Bhaya Story

Bhaya Cruises offers a fleet of new vessels with a direct link to Vietnamese imperial history. A true traveler of his time, the Vietnamese Emperor Khai Dinh (1885-1925) defied the custom of taking thousands of courtiers on a royal trip. In 1917 he took just twelve of his most trusted advisers on a very exceptional trip to Halong Bay. His vessel was one of the most wonderful wooden junks to have sailed the waters of Halong Bay. Inspired by the romantic landscape of the limestone karst islands rising out of the emerald-green waters, Khai Dinh commissioned a poem in praise of the Bay’s beauty to be carved on the cliff of Dau Go Cave.
The tale of the Emperor's trip and the opulent vessel he chose circulated quickly among the ship builders of the region. Each succeeding generation of shipbuilders dreamed of duplicating Khai Dinh’s wonderful vessel, yet nearly 100 years passed before an 80-year-old master shipbuilder, Nguyen Van Hoa, turned the dream into reality.
Master Hoa was born into a highly respected family of ship builders in Quang Ninh Province. From early childhood, his father had filled his mind with stories of this magical Imperial vessel that none could replicate. At the same time, under the expert tutelage of his father, Hoa developed into one of the most gifted marine architects of his generation. Night after sleepless night, he studied ancient drawings and scripts describing Vietnamese wooden vessels and junks. During the day he devised blueprints for all types of vessels that could sail across all sorts of ocean waters.
Still, Hoa’s life seemed incomplete. He was always searching for that dream vessel – the one that would set his work apart from those of the other shipbuilders of his time. One day, among thousands of ancient sketches and drawings, he discovered a fragment of the lost blueprint for Khai Dinh’s matchless vessel. Working slowly and carefully, he managed to restore the drawing to its original state. At last, the incomparable vessel that had transported Khai Dinh and his courtiers lived again on paper. Now, all that was left was to find the support to build the vessel and transform the dream of a lifetime into reality.
In January of 2005, a chance meeting took place in Halong between Antoine Bertrand, a gifted young French architect from Montpellier, his colleague, Anne Drousie, who wanted to build a luxury boat in the style of the ancient Vietnamese junks, and Master Hoa. At last, more than 80 years after Khai Dinh had set sail, all of the ingredients were in place to finally recreate this magnificent vessel.
Fiercely determined, the French architects and Vietnamese master shipbuilder toiled for two long years in the heat of the shipyard. Finally, in July 2007, the first Bhaya Classic was launched – a perfect blend of the experience and talent of the master shipbuilder's craft and the youthful creativity of the Frenchman and his friend.
The embodiment of an ancient Halong dream, the Bhaya vessels are a flawless combination of traditional Vietnamese aesthetic delicacy and western luxury and comfort. Sailing in the midst of the wonder and natural beauty that distinguishes Halong Bay, the Bhaya vessels play a considerable role in the embellishment and protection of this glorious World Heritage Site!

Responsible Cruising

Bhaya Cruises is committed to responsible and truly sustainable cruising. This commitment was formed when the company was established. Today, in the face of a multitude of threats to the environment, our commitment remains stronger than ever. We aim to ensure that Halong Bay retains its natural character and cultural diversity for future generations. This vision can only be realized with the support of all our guests and local partners.

Our Principles

Bhaya Cruises engages in partnerships with local authorities to actively promote and campaign for conservation and environmental protection.
We provide opportunities for cultural exchanges where locals and visitors alike can share, learn from each other and foster understanding in an atmosphere of mutual respect.
We contribute to the welfare of the local communities in Halong Bay through our Community Cruise Program. Via this program we can arrange for our guests to spend some time in floating villages to assist in upgrading basic facilities for the local community.
We aim to maximize the positive benefits of tourism for all local communities in Halong Bay. This includes training and employment of locals, using local suppliers and assisting in the development of sustainable local businesses.
We actively minimize the negative effects that tourism can bring by ensuring that tourism does not divert resources away from local communities or adversely affect the local economy.
We manage cruise operations in such a way that the natural and cultural value of Halong Bay will remain undiminished in the long-term.
  We strive to educate our guests about the destination and local culture as well as providing guidelines on appropriate behavior to minimize any negative impacts from our presence.

Bhaya Classic

Built in oriental style with contemporary luxury, Bhaya Cruises established new standards of luxury cruising in Vietnam when Bhaya Classic I entered service in summer 2007. Our fleet consists 04 Bhaya Classic vessels. Bhaya Cruises with total 80 Cabins and Suites, proudly presents the premium cruise operator in Halong Bay which guarantees greater availability for your cruises.
Bhaya Classic I, II, III
Bhaya Classic I, II, III - each offers 20 luxury Cabins and Suites accommodating a maximum 40 passengers.


  • 2 Accommodation Decks
  • 1 Lounge Deck with Dining Room and Bar
  • 1 Sundeck
  • 18 Deluxe Cabins
  • 2 Royal Suites
  • 1 Massage and Spa Area
  • 1 Boutique Library

Bhaya Classic IV

Bhaya Classic IV – offers 15 Cabins accommodating a maximum 30 passengers.


  • 1 Dining Room
  • 1 Sundeck
  • 15 Deluxe Cabins
  • 1 Massage and Spa Area
  • 1 Boutique Library

Deluxe Cabins

Our Deluxe cabin (12.5m2) offers all the amenities necessary for you to feel comfortable: twin beds (convertible into double bed) or a queen-size bed, air-conditioner, wall fan, refrigerator, en-suite bathroom with shower. Each features a picture window, providing added light and memorable views.
Cabin Amenities:

  • Hair-dryer
  • Wall mounted fan
  • Individual controller air-conditioning
  • Mineral water
  • Separate glass shower cabin
  • Mini bar
  • Toilet
  • Candies on bed
  • Bathroom amenities    Slippers
  • Umbrella / Raincoat at reception
  • Wardrobe
  • Luggage standee
  • Life vests
  • Wake-up shelf
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke detector, Sprinkler systems

Royal Suites

The two sumptuous Royal Suites (16.5m2) are located in the forward section of the upper accommodation deck and offer panoramic 180° views. Each Royal Suite offers all the standard amenities of the Deluxe Cabins, plus a larger en-suite bathroom, a plush sofa, extended picture windows and an exclusive, private viewing area on the foredeck.
Additional amenities & services for Royal Suites:

  • Private balcony on the Upper Deck
  • Special in-room amenities
  • Flower & fruit basket
  • Bottle of champagne


Bhaya Legend

Built in similar style to the larger Bhaya Classic vessels, Bhaya Legend charter vessels feature a single deck design with a semi-covered dining area offering panoramic views. The Legend fleet, with the total of 08 vessels, includes 01 vessel of one cabin, 02 vessels of two cabins, 04 vessels of three cabins, and 01vessel of four cabins. Each cabin offers luxury fit for Imperial Royalty. Attentive, personalized service and a maximum four passengers guarantee intimate privacy. Overnight cruises aboard a Bhaya Legend include free-flow soft drinks, coffee and tea, lunch, dinner and brunch. They are perfect for individuals, couples, families and friends wishing for an exclusive, private, customized charter cruise on Halong Bay.

Bhaya Legend one-cabin vessel

Bhaya Legend I offers a luxury Suite accommodating a maximum of 2 adults and a child below the age of 12.


  • 1 Accommodation Deck with 1 cabin
  • 1 Dining Room and Bar
  • 1 Sundeck

Bhaya Legend two-cabin vessel

Bhaya Legend II has two luxury cabins, one double and one twin, which offers ultimate comfort and relaxation.


  • 1 Accommodation Deck with 2cabins
  • 1 Dining Room and Bar
  • 1 Sundeck


All Suites have double beds and are highlighted in traditional Vietnamese hardwood, creating a luxuriant warmth. Cream trim and large picture windows offering 180° views ensure a bright and lively ambience. Hand-crafted hardwood furniture, gold and white fittings, and delicate upholstery further enhance the warmth and light in each suite.
Our grand Bhaya Suite (16m2) offers all the amenities necessary for you to feel comfortable: a queen-size bed, air-conditioner, wall fan, refrigerator, en-suite bathroom with shower. Each features a picture window, providing added light and memorable views.


  • Hair-dryer
  • Wall mounted fan
  • Individual controller air-conditioning
  • Mineral water
  • Separate glass shower cabin
  • Mini bar
  • Toilet
  • Candies on bed
  • Bathroom amenities
  • Slippers
  • Umbrella / Raincoat at reception
  • Wardrobe
  • Luggage standee
  • Life vests
  • Wake-up shelf
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke detector, Sprinkler systems


Name Number of cabins 1 day 2 days 1 night 3 days 2 nights Travelers’ Rate
Halong Starlight Cruise 32 US$- US$195 US$355
Halong Signature Cruise - New Cruiser 12 US$- US$206 US$283
Grayline Cruise Halong Bay - New cruise 14 US$- US$138 US$270
Halong Au Co Cruise 32 US$- US$- US$475
Halong Emeraude Cruise 34 US$- US$144 US$321
Halong Pelican Cruise 22 US$- US$150 US$250
Halong Syrena Cruise 17 US$- US$132 US$232
Halong Indochina Sails 14;15;23 US$- US$165 US$288
Victory Star Cruise 2;24;32 US$- US$165 US$272
Halong Violet Cruise 6 US$- US$277 US$407
Huong Hai Sealife Cruise 26 US$- US$170 US$-

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