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Halong Sun Legend Cruise

Number of cabins: 18
Travelers’ Rate:
2 days 1 night: US$ 110
3 days 2 nights: US$ 180
Support online:
Hotline: +84938887586


Sun Legend Cruise – Bai Tho Group

We are proud of as the first company has brought the overnight cruise to sail on Ha Long bay. Especially, we have been proactive in launching an ancient styled boat to accommodate up to 40 passengers in 18 luxury cabins, and family cabins named BAI THO DELUXE TRADITONAL JUNK since 2005. 


We not only launch the overnight cruise to Ha Long bay but also develop the number of luxury boats. One after another was launch such as the twin 18 cabin boats, twin 15 cabin boats, twin 11 cabin boats and a 2 cabin boat. Bring the number of recent boats up to 7 ancient styled boats.


BRAND NAME & QUALITY SERVICES… In 2010, BAI THO GROUP decides to change the trade name of overnight boat known as BAI THO JUNK to HA LONG SAILS to upgrade the quality of service that has been well known as an outstanding company in serving guest for 20 years.




Name Number of cabins 1 day 2 days 1 night 3 days 2 nights Travelers’ Rate
Halong Rosa Cruise 12 US$- US$105 US$-
Halong Legacy Legend Cruise 12 US$- US$115 US$230
Halong Moonlight Cruise US$ US$85 US$139
Aclass Legend Cruise 14 US$ US$115 US$199
Halong Majestic Cruise 12 US$ US$125 US$160
V Spirit Cruise 7,12,13 US$- US$130 US$244
Halong Phoenix Cruiser 14 US$ US$116 US$202
Halong Glory Cruise 13 US$- US$120 US$201
Halong Golden Lotus Garden Cruise 12 US$- US$110 US$175
Halong Image Cruise 9-11 US$- US$132 US$214
Halong Alova Cruise 9 US$- US$116 US$195
Halong Opera Cruise 21 US$- US$145 US$239
Halong Golden Lotus Cruise 10 US$- US$120 US$205
Bai Tho Junks 7;10;13;15;18 US$52 US$118 US$180
Halong Oriental Sails 16 US$- US$130 US$234
Halong Poseidon Cruise 8 US$ US$82 US$129
Annam Junk Halong 7 US$- US$89 US$174
Halong Aquarena Cruise 12 US$39 US$99 US$199