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Huge promotion for Paradise cruise until 31st December, 2013

In celebrating the success of achieving the BUSINESS TARGET for 2013, we are delighted to offer a HUGE promotion for Paradise Cruise as follow:

1. This program is offer for Paradise Luxury Cruise - 2-day 1-night package:

2. We will reduce 30 USD per cabin for bookings on 4,7,9,15,16,27,28,29 October, 2013 and 2,3,4,10,22,13 November, 2013

For booking on 1-19 and 21 December, 2013 we will reduce 50 USD per cabin.


-          The offer is immediate effective from 27th Sept, 2013.
-          The offer is entitled to apply for Early Bird, Incentive, promotion bookings
-          The offer is not applied for special rate for special markets and segments.
-          Amendable, no refund, payment as contract/quotation
-          Any bookings confirmed before 27th Sept, 2013 remain unchanged
-          Please note promotion code “PC201343” when send bookings requests to us

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