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Option 1: Shared bus or Shared Limousine

Time to travel: 3,5 hours for shared bus/ 3 hours for shared limousine

Type of vehicle

16/29 seater shared shuttle bus

7 seater shared limousine

Pick up time and pick up point in Hanoi


@ Hanoi Old Quarter area

07:30-08: 00
09:30-10: 00
12:30-13: 00
14:30-15: 00
17:30-18: 00
19:30-20: 00

@ Anywhere in Hanoi city

Drop off point in Halong city

Tuan Chau Island

Anywhere in Halong

Pick up time and pick up point in Halong


@ Gate of Seaside hotel – Tuan Chau Island


@ Anywhere in Halong

Drop off point in Hanoi

@ Hanoi Old Quarter area

@ Anywhere in Hanoi


US$ 10 per person per way

US$ 18 per person per way

Option 2: Private car/van/bus

Time to travel: 3 hours per way

Type of vehicle

4 seat car

7 seat van

16 seat van

Hanoi to Halong or Halong to Hanoi

US$ 75

US$ 79

US$ 89

Hanoi airport to Halong or Halong to Hanoi airport

US$ 79

US$ 85

US$ 95

Halong to Hai Phong or Hai Phong to Halong

US$ 45

US$ 55

US$ 69

Halong to Cat Bi airport (Hai Phong) or Cat Bi airport to Halong

US$ 49

US$ 59

US$ 75

Noi Bai airport to Hanoi

US$ 16

US$ 18

US$ 30

Hanoi to Noi Bai airport

US$ 12

US$ 14

US$ 25

Please Contact Us for transfer from Hanoi to Halong!

People can get to Halong bay by:

 1. Helicopter: Hai Au Aviation (Click to see details)

 2. Private A. C car  , drive time 3 hours and half one way.

Our private 4-seater sedan



Our private 7-seater sedan



Our private SUV




Our private 16-seater van



3. Limousine car, drive time 3 hours and half one way.

Limousine car is a 16-seater van which is redesigned to a 7-seater limousine with more comfortable seat, free wifi and USB socket:







4. Shuttle bus from Hanoi Old Quarter to Tuan Chau tourist wharf.

Bus schedule:

* Hanoi - Halong: Depart from Hanoi Old Quarter at 08:00 to 08:30 to Tuan Chau Harbour - Halong Bay (arrive at about 12:30-12:45)

* Halong - Hanoi: Depart from Tuan Chau harbour in Halong Bay at 12:30-12:45, arrive in Hanoi Old Quarter at about 17:00

 5. By train, people take cargo train from Hanoi to Yenvien and then to QuangNinh. The terminal is about  50km away from the habor. Expect train delay, cancellation without notice. Available hard sleeper only

 6. Hanoi - Haiphong , drive time 2 hours. From Haiphong people can     take the hydrofoil to Catba island , 1 hour boat ride and cost. Schedule: 9am and 12 am from Haiphong; From Catba 4pm.

Notes: From Hochiminh City and other provinces in the south, tourists can travel to Halong via Hanoi by land, rail and air.

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